Company Overview

Welcome to Ardent Mills®, your partner for what’s next.

Ardent Mills is committed to transforming how the world is nourished. As the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, we cultivate the future of plant-based solutions to help our customers and communities thrive. We operate in more than 40 locations that specialize in flour, quinoa, pulses, and organic and gluten-free products that drive emerging nutrition and innovation across plant-based ingredients. Our holistic portfolio empowers us to meet the complex needs of customers today while focusing on the growing needs of tomorrow’s consumer.

Deeply rooted in communities throughout North America, we operate in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico with company headquarters in Denver, Colorado. We employ more than 100 certified millers and support thousands of local jobs that contribute billions of dollars to local economies -- helping our people, our customers, and families everywhere flourish.


Ardent Mills® is the trusted partner in nurturing our customers, consumers and communities through innovative and nutritious grain-based solutions.


Our core values help us bring our vision to life every day, enabling us to make a positive impact on our customers, communities, team members and partners.

  • Working to earn TRUST every day, always operating with reliability and integrity.
  • SERVING others with understanding, respect and care.
  • Operating with SIMPLICITY, clarity and transparency; removing barriers and letting people do what they do best.
  • Ensuring the SAFETY of our products and people; doing what’s best to create the safest environment now and for the future.


Enhancing the quality of life and standard of health.


Whether we’re making innovative breakthroughs or nutritious food. Whether we’re making our processes more sustainable or our communities more prosperous. Whether we’re making our customers happy or making progress in our own careers. At Ardent Mills, we all get to make something special every day. Join us and you can too. Learn more about doing work you can be truly proud of with North America’s leading flour supplier.

Our Promise
Joining Ardent Mills means making a commitment to yourself and to the other members of our team. We call this Our Promise.

All of us share responsibility for the success of Ardent Mills. We work closely together in teams and across functions. Nobody is left isolated or unsupported. Everyone matters. Everyone has a voice. This gives each of us the opportunity to create something special every day. And, when we come together, that’s when truly amazing things happen.

Together, we make our customers' success the focus of our business. Together, we make the innovative breakthroughs that shape our industry. Together, we make communities healthier and more prosperous. Together, we are raising the bar for a more sustainable world. Together, we make the food that nourishes North America. Together, we can make our ambitions a reality.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Ardent Mills, we want our team members to feel comfortable being themselves, and to be heard and valued for being uniquely them. We ardently believe that diverse backgrounds lead to diverse viewpoints which make us stronger; and allow us to better serve one another, our customers and our communities. These viewpoints have formed the foundation for our diversity and inclusion platform at Ardent Mills.

We have employee resource groups (ERG’s) dedicated to providing a supportive, collaborative space for team members to come together to promote inclusion, strengthen our community, and network with others. These groups serve as an extension of our diversity & inclusion efforts.

Company Summary
Ardent Mills
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